Two Small Windows in a Pair of Mirrored Doors

A collection of short stories in the spirit of Mark Twain, James Thurber and Italo Calvino. Spiritual Adventures from the Psychedelic and High Spirited 60's and 70's. Amazing Tales of Gurus and Mystics, of Psychics and Mediums.

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The Spiritual searches of Castaneda and the twinkling wink of a Leary. The social satire of a Lewis, and the Magical Realism of a Marquez. Order Now

The tales range from the honest full blooded realism of "The Highwayman and Balloon Ride" to the Sci-Fi tales of "Confusa-Ray and Dusty Circuits"Order Now

Travel with us through the mystic in tales like "Remember your Aztec Heritage and Cow Victory". Join us to a voyage beyond time and deep into the Magick Life beyond the Rainbow. Order Now

You will surely enjoy the rollicking satire of "Something about Harley, and Nichard Rixxon." Order Now

Join us as we trail the intrepid pilgrims as they undertake spiritual adventures in the great tradition of Homer, Blake and Huxley in Mystical Voyages like "Navaho Arizona, population 64", "The Falling Prayer" and "On No Name Key". Each pilgrimage taking our adventurers deeper into the Mystic. - Meet up with Ram Dass and the Amazing Blind seer Reverend Wileman. Order Now

Available in Hard and Softback as well as a full range of EBOOK and EPUB formats for All E-readers from Kindle to Sony to IPOD/IPAD.

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Two Small Windows in a pair of Mirrored Doors - by Rick Spisak